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Kingsway Jewelry | Brand Story

Designed to last a lifetime

Kingsway is a premium jewelry brand with a passion for creating meaningful pieces for special moments. We are dedicated to the art of crafting distinctive fine jewelry that is not only stunning, but will last a lifetime. Inspired by the abundance of natural beauty that surrounds us, each ring incorporates references to the sky, the earth and the elements that make up our home. For this reason, we incorporate natural elements such as wood, meteorite and deer antlers into our one-of-a-kind rings. Our rings are more than just a token of your love — they are a reminder of the beauty that has inspired our work every day since we started.

We design and craft unique jewelry that captures the heart and imagination for a lifetime. For every piece of jewelry we sell, we dedicate a portion of sales to plant trees in areas affected by recent wildfire events. By doing so, we work towards restoring precious green spaces and preserving the beauty of our planet for future generations. Forests are our source of inspiration, our playground and the place where we reconnect with the bounty of nature. At Kingsway Jewelry, we are as committed to the future of our forests as we are to helping you commemorate your happily ever after with premium quality jewelry.

We’re on a bold mission to help you to celebrate the most special moments and relationships in your life with beautifully designed, distinctive jewelry that lasts a lifetime - just like your love. We do this because we believe in the transformative power of love and we want to help you to create a special memory. At the same time, we are dedicated to ensuring that our forests remain the magical green spaces that provide us with so much inspiration. That’s why we are donating a portion of each sale to planting trees in wildfire-affected areas across Oregon and British Columbia. Our vision is of a future where these pristine natural spaces are restored to their former glory, allowing the generations that follow to bask in their splendour and beauty. 

In order to ensure that we stay true to the goals we set out for our business, we abide by the following values:


We believe that every love story is special and deserves to be celebrated. That’s why we create high quality jewelry that is affordably priced, making it possible for every couple to own their dream rings.   


A high-quality ring is a token of affection that has the potential to last a lifetime. We believe that there is no better symbol of undying love than a precious gift of jewelry that doesn’t tarnish, fade or wear down over time. Our goal is to create beautiful and hardy jewelry that matches your relationship in durability in shine even as the years go by. 


We draw our inspiration from nature, which is why we believe that it is our responsibility to protect and restore the forests that we love. That’s why we are donating a portion of each sale to the replanting of trees in areas that have been affected by wildfires. To date, we have assisted in planting over [amount] trees.

Symbolise your love and devotion with a ring inspired by nature and designed to last a lifetime. Choose Kingsway Jewelry for as long as you both shall live.