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Meteorite Rings Collection

Celestial Harmony - Opal Meteorite Ring | Unisex Wedding Band

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A breathtaking out-of-this-world Opal and Meteorite Wedding Ring.

This unique wedding ring is literally out of this world! Meteorites crash on earth all the time and the metals in them are salvaged to produce these exquisite pieces. Guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go!

The wedding band is decorated with natural Green & Blue opal chips and real Meteorite - straight from outer space! 

Muonionalusta Meteorite

Scientific evidence has confirmed its status as the Most Ancient Meteorite ever discovered on Earth, originating during the Quaternary Period approximately one Million years ago. The impact occurred in northern Scandinavia, near the border of Sweden and Finland. 


- Metal: Stainless Steel 
- Width 6mm
- Comfort fit design to ensure a comfortable wearing experience