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Meteorite Rings Collection

His and Her Opal Wedding Ring Set Meteorite Wedding Bands

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A breathtaking out-of-this-world Opal and Meteorite Wedding Ring set.

This unique wedding ring set is literally out of this world! A gorgeous engagement/wedding ring set made of surgical stainless steel.

This gorgeous engagement/wedding ring set is made of surgical stainless steel.
Engagement Ring, beautifully adorned with a Princess cut 5x5 mm sapphire colored cubic zirconia stone
The wedding bands are decorated with natural blue and green opal and Genuine Muonionalusta Meteorite chips.

The Muonionalusta meteorite is a meteorite which impacted in northern Scandinavia, west of the border between Sweden and Finland, about one million years BCE. The first fragment of the Muonionalusta meteorite was found in 1906 near the village of Kitkiöjärvi. After soaring through space for millions of years, the beauty of the Muonionalusta meteorite can now be encased around your finger! 

Guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go!

Bands are surgical stainless steel with black plating and 6mm width.

Solitaire Engagement ring is stainless steel with black plating and a 5mmx4mm cubic zirconia faux diamond in a deep sapphire color. 


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