Custom Engraved 3 pc His and Her Damascus Steel Mokume Gane Ring Set Tungsten Carbide Unique Couples Wedding Ring Set

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His and Hers 925 Sterling Silver Blue Saphire Stainless Steel Wedding Rings Set Blue #SP24BLMSBL

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Mens & Womens Halo Sterling Silver & Titainium Camo Gold Black plated Wedding Ring Set

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Mens & Womens Camo Engagement Wedding Rings Set Silver & Titanium

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Stainless Steel Leaves Set #SSL-M03

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His & Hers Natural Koa Wood CZ 3 pcs Surgical Black Stainless Steel Engagement Wedding Rings set

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The practice of giving and receiving finger rings can be traced back to over 6,000 years. Many ancient civilizations produced variations of these finger rings - from wood, to leather to bone or ivory. During the early Egyptian civilization, to give someone a ring signifies never ending and forever binding love and it was said that the more expensive the material, the more love you had for your partner as well as demonstrating the wealth of the giver. The shape, a circle, symbolized eternity - with no beginning or end.   

Eventually, the romans adopted the tradition but instead of a symbol of love, rings became a symbol of ownership. Rings during this time were often made of iron, which symbolized strength and permanence. 

The early Christians adapted this practice as well and used rings in marriage ceremonies. These rings were often worn in different fingers however in many countries, the wedding and engagement rings are worn on the left ring finger because it was believed in the ancient roman times that a vein called "Vena Amoris" or "Vein of Love" was present in the left ring finger, and this vein was directly connected to the heart - which scientists have proven is incorrect, however the myth prevails. 

These days, finger rings are worn for many different reasons - as a symbol or promise of love and undying devotion, a symbol of power and position, a symbol of educational attainment or as a fashion statement. 

Kingsway Jewelry provides you with high quality, expertly crafted rings at an affordable price – along with excellent customer service and reasonable shipping rates. Guaranteed authentic metals, each ring is stamped with 925 sterling silver, titanium, stainless steel, tungsten (depending on the material) to indicate authenticity. We use only the finest lab-created cubic zirconia stones that mimic the look and feel of a real diamond. 

Whether it is to express your love for that special someone, or to create a fashion statement, a Kingsway Jewelry piece is an easy way to take your look from simple to put together, from casual to dressy. 

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