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When wearing a piece of our jewels, you should sense the value of luxury and elevated status. The feeling of royalty. A combination of high craft and quality makes our products desired by both him and her. Whether you are dressed casually or in a suit and gown, a fine piece of jewelry is the ultimate fashion statement.


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Providing the best jewelry on the market is our goal at Kingsway Jewelry. It is our aim to provide our customers with cheap priced, quality pieces that are made with expert care and craftsmanship. That, along with exceptional customer service, reasonable shipping rates, is what you can expect from us here at Kingsway Jewelry.

Whether you are looking for simple and elegant pieces, or intricate and varied designs, from silver and  titanium to stainless steel and tungsten, whatever design or material you choose, we have it for you. Kingsway Jewelry has redefined luxury and our wide selection of rings ensures that there is something for everybody. Whatever the occasion - be it a birthday, a wedding, an engagement, a "just because" gift and more, we provide affordable jewelry that is perfect for you and your special occasion needs. 

Our gallery is regularly updated with the finest jewelry designs from the best engagement jewelry designers all over the world. Our pieces are quality inspected, and stamped 925 Sterling Silver, Titanium, Stainless Steel and Tungsten, to provide our customers with top notch quality products. We use high quality cubic zirconia stones that are lab-created to mimic the size, shine and sparkle of a real diamond. Our titanium, tungsten and stainless steel rings are very popular because of their physical qualities of high-strength, toughness and durability. They also have low density and are corrosion resistant. 

Among the many options, we have: 

◦    His and Hers Sets

◦    Women's Rings

◦    Men's Rings

◦    Stainless Steel Rings

◦    Sterling Silver Rings

◦    Titanium Rings

◦    Tungsten Rings

◦    Zirconium Rings 

Beautiful jewelry pieces that take any outfit, any mood and instantly glamorizes it. Whether you are wearing a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt, or an elaborate gown or suit, a well-crafted piece of jewelry is the ultimate fashion statement! 

If you are looking for cheap prices, quality wedding rings, a birthday or special occasion present, we have the perfect piece for you! Visit our Catalog today.